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If you are just starting out riding it's probably a good idea to go to a rodeo school.  I'm not trying to plug in advertising, I don't get any money for this.  If you don't have all the resources (experience training rookies, equipment, medical, training aides, etc.) a rodeo school, has it's probably the best way to start.

I started out riding at the Sankey Rodeo School  I started there because I wanted to try out saddle bronc without having to purchase all the equipment required (which is a lot of money to part ways with just to try something).  They take their equipment to the schools, fit you with what you need appropriate for your size, and go through preparation to fine tune (mostly the saddle) the equipment to get it to do what you want.

 Other schools may offer the same type of deal (I'm not sure, never checked), but if you want to try out riding saddle bronc without having to invest in all the equipment, finding a school that will let you borrow their equipment is the way to go.

 In addiiton, I know Sankey Rodeo offers their schools all over the United States, so the convenience of a local school is also a very big plus.

Other schools that I have come across:

... to be continued...